What are Scalable Vector Graphics?

Scalable Vector Graphics (or SVG for short) allow the creation of logos through plotting of points to create all kinds of shapes on a cartesian plane.
This allows a very small file, with perfect scaling to any size with no loss of quality - from a business card to a highway billboard.

An example of SVG business logo design

Take a look at the two logos below. The logo on the left is saved as a regular PNG (portable network graphics) file, and is 12 kilobytes in size.
The logo on the right is saved as an SVG (scalable vector graphics) file, and is less half the of the file size - at only 5 kilobytes in size, yet looks perfectly clear.

dc7e6739fcdef11085cdbf50ebea5497 Business Logo Design - Ascend Web Design

A regular business logo - designed using traditional logo design methods. Note the imperfections and blurriness around the letters, as well as the jagged edges of the triangle. Files size: 12kb

A SVG business logo - designed using SVG methods. All the imperfections of the lettering are gone, there are no more jagged edges of the triangle. File size: 5kb

How big can SVG go?

Simply put: As big as you need. A SVG file will scale to any printable size. Take a look:

ascend-web-design-positive-logo Business Logo Design - Ascend Web Design

Can my existing business logo be converted to SVG?

Generally yes, however it depends on what your existing business logo looks like. The conversion process can be complicated based on what we have to work with, but give us a call, and we can give you a quote.

Can you supply my SVG business logo in a PDF?

Yes. PDF files work perfectly with SVG.
If you need your business logo in a PDF, we can do so.

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