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Workstation Services

Our workstation services include:

Custom Workstations: We design and build workstations based on your specific business needs, ensuring optimal performance for your intended tasks. We work with you to identify your requirements, including your software needs, and then build a workstation that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Computer systems include:

  • The latest AMD and Intel Processors
  • Plenty of RAM for the most demanding of tasks
  • Powerful GPUs for 3D rendering
  • The latest spec M.2 SSDs
  • Everything backed with a Warranty

On-Site Setup and Installation: Once your workstation is built or upgraded, we can help you set it up and install any necessary software to ensure everything is working as intended.

Workstation Specifications

We use only high-quality components to build our workstations, including:

  • Intel or AMD processors: We use the latest processors from Intel and AMD, ensuring fast and reliable performance for your business needs.
  • NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards: We use the latest graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD that are appropriate for your business needs, ensuring smooth and efficient rendering for your 3D designs or video editing projects.
  • Solid State Drives (SSDs): We use SSDs as the primary storage device, ensuring fast boot times and quick access to your files.
  • High-capacity hard drives: We also include high-capacity hard drives for long-term storage of your files.

We can customize your workstation with additional components such as more RAM, more storage, and more powerful GPUs depending on your specific business needs. 

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